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Christine Payne

I forgot to mention that in the ArkLetter article on Courtly Love, , I did a long section on this very topic. In that it article it appears under the heading The Presence of Absence. Just scroll down below my little book-review section (at the beginning) and you'll find it. This same set of ideas is reviewed from a mythological perspective in the discussion of the Hymn of the Pearl in the article Sophia, Holy Word.
For magicians and priesthoods, this deep focus on "Something from Nothing" started with the Emerald Tablet. To this very day all attention is focused on somehow "conceiving" a spark of our future selves, the ones who magically appear with fixes in hand for our present insolvable dilemmas.

Christine Payne

One might also stay with the Courtly Love article a little longer and read the review of Christopher Lehrich's fascinating _The Occult Mind; Magic in Theory and Practice_. It follows the above section under the title 'Tarot and the Mind of Magic'.
I can't emphasize enough that historians of Tarot will forever misinterpret the evidence they are digging up until they can recognize and understand the magical worldview of the Renaissance.

Christine Payne

Here's a new archive Samten just made available -- we are so lucky he's such a collector!

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