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Christine Payne

I just found a stunning outline of Ficino's logic regarding the decanate seals and signatures. So fine, clean, and lucid!'s+medals+of+the+Zodiacal+decans&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESg9HJ5jeFTi46UgkrxwfAGw42-ui_EbtpdExy7OAd4OliTVh0yamdbI-N9zWABCG7JQQdiddMt2ZxQoPcFGE_qZZAcl-P0O8oVvnNd56CZvGKPvEiHAzSszGVGLB_SrVnvBnAu3&sig=AHIEtbRmGX5Y0tNnyDjB1xLdvzDeCYeXow

Christine Payne

Here's an excellent article (loosely translated by Google) about the contribution of Pico the the synthesis of Pythagorean and Kabbalistic magic. When words like "bondage" or "glue" come up in the article, remember that he's talking about making magically-potentized links between spiritual and material things. This is what magic seeks to do, using the number-letters, images, and potentized symbols (and their astral referents) to cement the links. I couldn't read it all (the translator quits a short way through) but the content I could see is excellent!

Christine Payne

Here's a quote from Yates' _The Art of Memory_, which summarizes again what was going on in the early centuries of Tarot (although she's not talking about Tarot at all, but two of Bruno's books which she abbreviates as _Shadows_ and _Seals_):

"...Bruno's memory efforts are not isolated phenomena. They belong into a definite tradition, the Renaissance occult tradition to which the art of memory in occult forms has been affiliated. With Bruno, the exercises i Hermetic mnemonics have become the spiritual exercises of a religion. And there is a certain grandeur in these efforts which represent, at bottom, a religious striving. The religion of Love and Magic is based on the Power of the imagination, and on an Art of Imagery through which the Magus attempt to grasp, and to hold within, the universe in all its ever changing forms, through images passing the one into the other in intricate associative order, reflecting the ever-changing movements of the heavens, charged with emotional affects, unifying, forever attempting to unify, to reflect the great monas of the world in its image, the mind of man. There is surely something which commands respect in an attempt so vast in its scope." (p. 259-60)

This seems to make a very cogent statement that also applies to the content of the 78 cards of Tarot.

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