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John Meador

-If only Abraham von Franckenberg could have held this deck brought forth by Christine and Michael!

"And since undertaking the fine-tooth-comb investigation required to complete the Tarot of the Holy Light, it has become clear that the oldest Continental variation I could find, that of Etteilla, is also the most comprehensive system to be had from among this group's variants.

In terms of passing on functional correspondences rather than just thinking about them abstractly, Etteilla was clearly sharing a key that subsequent exponents nicked and tarnished; this is my conclusion. A first introduction to the overview of what came to Etteilla through Masonic Theosophy from the pen of Boehme and his students will be found in my book, never fear."

---We await this discourse with keen anticipation .

"I've done the heavy lifting for you, by systematically restoring the numbers, elements, signs, planets and alphabetic ordering of the Trumps back to the older Tarot model again, from which it was originally taken."

---Thank Sophia that Christine has stuck to her guns all these years, through flak and fraternity; continuing the research, digestion and synthesis of the past to carry into the present and future the rubedo of Alchemy's projection, bringing us buried secrets of the Wise.
I am a proud card-carrying member of her Gun Club. She not only knows the target but her aim is true and she's got the ammo, folks.

-john aka drdee, somewhere out beyond the Cuiper Belt on a big green bookmobile, idling in gyres around the significance (or not) regarding the "error" of the seven & eight typo....

Christine Payne-Towler

Aho! John, longtime Knight and student of Sophia --

Wonder you might about the so-called "mistake"! Mayhap there's method to this madness, but still it was not consciously constructed. I have fantasized how this re-arrangement might make the Wheel around Tiferet turn in the opposite direction temporarily, that was quite illuminating to experiment with in fact. We know the Protestant Sophianics worked both directions on the Father Pillar, they couldn't always just take the energies "up". Food for thought at least! But if it is brilliant, or revelatory, or even simply useful, I still can't claim it. A pure manifestation of Tao, don't ya know!

The remedy, which I am already at work on, will be to design a one-page diagram in wheel form, that will demonstrate all the ingredients of the deck, imposed upon the Zodiac arranged as the Hermetic Cosmos. All the correspondences will be there, preferribly in color if we can do it, all keyed to the Zodiac and the decans and the signs/planets/elements. A user of the THL, if they wish, will be able to load their birthchart and transits into the grid and mark which cards came up under these skies. It should make the process of co-ordinating the Astro-alpha-alchemical-kabalistic-numeric values (and their related Remedies) much more obvious and easier to remember. Wish me luck!

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