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Bonnie Cehovet

Christine -

Many thanks for the heads up on the reproduction of Papus work!

December should be a very interesting month! ;-)


Christine Payne-Towler

Hey Bonnie! Interesting.... I kind of thought the whole Tarot world would know this already. Thanks go out to Kessinger for deciding that Papus needs another airing!

Sue Rowland

Beautiful, as usual, Christine. I'm glad you talked about Papus. I would love to understand more about the French systems. I feel this New Moon spread applies immediately to what I need to study and explore by doing and being... from affliction to maturity. I like what the Hermit reversed says in this deck. I think duality is part of the Hermit's path. Maybe what we keep at a distance is akin to not overusing our certain sacred tools. Certain tools are only used in special cermonies? The cards coincide beautifully to your astrological explanations. As always, your devoted student.

Christine Payne-Towler

Why thank you dear! You are so kind....

I have always been astounded at the way supposedly-random cards will somehow make direct connections with the hot spots in my chart. My journals are just full of this stuff -- I write down the date and time, then the cards I drew, some LWB remarks, the degrees (or signs/planets) the cards refer to, and what the ephemeris tells me is going on in the heavens. By the time I bring it all back to my birthchart, my understanding of both the spread and the transits has multiplied.
I thought I'd try doing the same for these NewMoons, and it seems to be working out fine....

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