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Bea Garth

Wow! I can definitely say this kind of thing (major transformations while getting down to the basics) is going on in my life with my natal Uranus as point focus from the passing and recurring opposition and square with Pluto and Saturn. It also corroborates what my buddy Graeme Jones has been writing about concerning the Mayan 5th Sun cycle approaching, this current stage being the last phase before it. We are facing getting over being so egotistically oriented and changing that to a more soul and reality based orientation. This needs to happen give the huge problems with global warming and certain diminishing resources not to speak of the tanking economic system etc. The fact is that approached rightly it will be and is a good thing. If we don't do it right and try to hang on to the old ways we will get melted down whether we want to or not. Thanks so much for your enlightened and right on interpretation Christine!

Christine Payne-Towler

Hi Bea --

Seems like everybody's feeling it, but so few have studied their inner self enough to realize what's happening at the fringes of consciousness. Feels like we are heading into a funnel; 'Keep it simple' and 'Toward the One' has to be our hallmark now. And if, as some conspiracy theorists assert, we are being herded wholesale out of the middle classes and into a Universal Peasant status, I'm all for it (for myself personally, I mean). The goal is to actively co-conspire with the trend in hopes of catching a decent wave and being carried wherever we are to go next. (Although there may be no spatial 'going' involved at all, just a change of viewpoint.)


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