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Bonnie Cehovet

Christine - Your intro to this reading was just as exciting as the reading! Thank you so much for going into detail, and for not holdng back on your own impressions/opinions. If I am correct (and I think I am), I ahve this deck - and am going to have to di it out and take another look at it! ;-)


Christine Payne-Towler

Hi Bonnie --

Thanks so much for the feedback! Frankly, it's amazing that there is something I can say that is exciting to somebody as Tarot-steeped as yourself. This pack has been a longtime companion and an excellent modern representative of the Continental tradition,so I'm a little fierce in its defense. It's great to see that there are contemporary Tarot makers who haven't gotten swept away in the flood of modern reinterpretations (... no matter how much Decker has tried to over-wright it!)

Happy Holidays all --


Cynthia Tedesco

dear christine,
perhaps the new English ed. of 'Spirit of The Tarot,' by Jodorowsky pub. by Inner Bear Traditions using the Camoin MdT
( all MdT's actually would be fine - although the author's chapter on Color might not work ) is an excellent segue into Scapini's brilliant Medieval Scapini Tarot.

i love Scapini's Tarots & am thrilled to have Jodorwsky's 'take.' i would love for you to review this latest contribution to the MdT tradition.

for me, & i think for others, if your deck uses #8 as Justice - as my RWS does & one reverses the s/words & wands going 10-1 w/the Pents & Cups as 1-10 . (the author of The Kingdom Highway privately printed tarot gave me this idea and Joy Vernon calls it Backwards/Forwards ) to keep to Hero's Journey ( & all literary traditions except the post-modern ) using this method you get a more expansive story line for your S/words and Wands.

w/some other modifications for those much neglected Court Cards - you get a whole different POV to work with that is much more compatible with the MdT tradition's lack of pictorial pips.

i'm working on a little article discussing the Court Cards using a different concept from the RWS tradition w/out losing its pictorial flavor & combining it w/the MdT traditions which does not give the richness of the potential of the Courts either from my pov. tricky to work through but a breeze & so simple when graphed out.

i think Scapini, living in Italy as he does, plus being familiar w/all the tarot traditions was 'on to this' when he illustrated his pips yet chose to be a tad sarcastic & humorous w/them: a wave to the Continental Tradition & a nod to the GD as well yet staying true to his own vision. after all: isn't Kaplan a king?!

thank for this rich & lovely article - please give some thought to reviewing Jodorowsky as well: he's his 'own man' but you are woman enough to stand up to him & best anyone if you disagree with them!

all holiday blessings to you and yours!

Bea Garth

Hi Christine,

Whereas I think what you say is good advice on a personal level, I also think your spread is very apropos for the current state of US politics. Given the current difficult economy much of the American public is too busy to notice that the the Obama administration is turning what should be nurturing energy into potential devastation on several fronts: Global Warming (in Copenhagen) with decreased actual polluting limits given the US inbvolvement, the increased troops in Afghanistan to supposedly "nurture" the local people as our govt. spends monies on an unwanted war that should be spent at home, the now gutted Health Care Reform plan (promoted with fear tactics--do this or we will go bankrupt!)that will bolster the insurance industry and hardly serve the people.

Overall, as I see it, instead of the Obama administration and the Democratically ruled Congress (esp. the Senate) doing the right thing, they obfuscate and do the wrong thing. Too many people are being fooled by a lot of elegant nurturing language followed through with Machiavellian tactics--and thus the Empress is upside down.


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