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Bonnie Cehovet


Wonderful writing here! Of course, you do realize that you are the agent behind my latest book aquisition! ;-)

I like the thought of obeying Death - not that we really had a choice, but flailing around never served anyone. And we definitely want to be part of the surviving entity!


Christine Payne-Towler

Well, I do hope that it could be true; that I might be the agent of various people's Initiation By The Word!

speaking of which, here's another alphabetic find:

As to Death, there are certainly things that are worse than Trump 13.... at least the Reaper isn't lying to us as he advances, and his blade is sharp, which is a mercy of a sort. Let's all stand in the fields of the Lord together singing "John Barleycorn Must Die".

Really, everything after the Death trump leads to our 'angelization', so it's all good.

Christine Payne-Towler

Today I was providentially led into an excellent site that expands upon the above ideas:ω-greek-vowels-and-the-chaldean-planets/

Look around, there's lots to enjoy!

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