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Bonnie Cehovet


How aprapos to be talking about managing our internal and external worlds with all of the literal chaos that we have created that ended up with the severe flood damage in the Chehalis area of Washington State. This was a natural consequence of gargantuin proportions. Do we never learn?



Hi Bonnie --

Maybe the best we can do as individuals is keep notes on ourselves, the lunar drama playing out in our charts, and the events appearing in the news that seem symbolically and temporally related. Over time we each can put together a body of personal symbolism demonstrating the seasonal changes, weather patterns, lunar stations, and collective dramas that affect us personally, and in which ways.

If the population were more conscious of their own charts and the implications thereof, we would have a saner civilization, hands down. But that kind of attention to natural detail has been diminishing in Western Civ the last few centuries, as we have devalued agriculture for industry. Let's see whether that coin will begin spontaneously flipping in the next few years.



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