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Terri Corral

Thanks Christine!
What perfect timing. I once wrote and asked why there were never any reversed cards in the spreads on Your answer then made sense, particularly for the business mind; yet here is a perfect example of the positive imterpretation, implication and application of reversed cards. It definitely works for me!
Your thoughful blend of astrological references and tarot symbolism is much appreciated.
Terri Corral

Judy Martin

I love the ARK LETTERS and look forward to the 3-Card Reading. Thanks for the insight.

As a Pisces (sun sign) I am the consumate sponge and tend to feel everything. Even when things are going well in my personal life, I feel the despair of others and have a hard time separating what is my "stuff" from the "stuff" that belongs to others. Right now the world is in such turmoil and I've been fighting depression since the beginning of the year.

Maybe I should stop fighting and just let it all flow through me?

Thanks Christine. You helped put things in perspective.

Judy Martin

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