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Christine, this is slightly off=topic, but related to your mention of next september above.

we buy dell horoscope magazine as a convenient -albeit-shallow tool for living. the march issue one has an article about september and gwb that frightens me- first time in a long while i've felt this way. it's about events coming in the fall of 06, predicting horrible, moon-related disaster, potentially including children and as bad or worse than 9-11.
including enough of that dire tone that i want to run out and prepare for disaster. [buy rice and beans and get a spare battery for my radio and put more water jugs in the garage....]
as i said, i don't usually react this way so i can't tell if my inner resonance was "on" or ...

it's of course NOT good to let my energy leak out in fear over a potential future, esp when i am powerless to influence a whitehouse gone mad ...

so what is the step to find the balance between looking at the "ahead" and "living in the now" and not drowning in our own fears.

how does one handle this and yet evolve? i don't think it's "ostrich time" but...

blessings, L

China Rose

Tough call, no doubt. This dydnamic duo and most especially the later half total solar eclpise is internally complex in its exterior simplicity.

I'm especially impressed since I personally/professionally underwent some alternative realizations through the course of these events. In doing so I came up with the not so well liked answer that my discretionary spending of future time frames needed a stop gap and a release valve.

So inspite of my desire to secure the mount with a hell bent for leather, nothing can stop me advance - I held my cards and released the pressure. Having now time to realign myself and read your new moon notes I feel better, though slightly singed by the full ring of fire!

It is also worth noting that the earlier Virgo full moon eclipse (3/14) is paired with this New Moon (3/29) eclipse in Aires. These two signs in the East house (so to speak) are the Phoenix (Virgo) & the Dragon (Aires).

They respresent the classical pairing of the male/female energies of yin & yang. The quintessential couple. A symbol of harmony and of a successful harmonious relationship.

But in even earlier times before their antiquity the Dragon (initiator) was paired with the Tiger (Aquarius). However the really ancient wise ones thought better of it and later on they made the switch to the Phoenix.

The yin Phoenix (aka Rooster/hen/bird) was considered a more responsive and retiring mate for the illustrious yang Dragon. Thus down through history now long forgotten the powerful yang Tiger was replaced and a match was made in heaven!

I'm sure the Tiger was pleased to no end, not wanting to take a back seat for anyone, not even for the almighty Dragon. Noteably though in the cycles of harmony and conflict the Phoenix is by far a better match.

In getting a clearer view of this absolutely classic combo I can see now that old adage "sometimes it is best to let things fall apart so they can come back together" applies. Herein for me lies the clue to the fundamental meaning of this rather striking planetary arrangement.

I could go on to unravel this mystery but I prefer to let your rather aptly modeled money purse unfold in due time! In other words sometimes holding back is the best way to make sure gains. Thanks Christine for being so insightful!


Hi all --

I'm late to get back to this discussion, but it might be helpful to read the World Server's
Spread for April 17, '06 for some cards that start towards addressing the question of "how to prepare for a future we don't want to see coming".

I think this will be a topic that's ongoing here at the ArkLetters, because my own circle of friends includes people whose sensitivities to these issues is very high. I hope you will also note that the linkages within the ArkLetter articles often lead to sites where thinking individuals are pondering questions just like these.

Together, we can possibly muddle through. But I don't think the process will necessarily involve the 1970's style of dropping out, though I hope everybody learned something about preparedness in the runup to Y2K, and after watching the dismal results of non-preparedness via Hurricane Katrina.

Somewhere on that continuum is a place where we will find each other.



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