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wow, i just found this.. i'll have to go through it and the reference's alot more.. but it makes me feel better after reading, "the alphabet versus the Goddess". Thank you so much!


Hi spyrit --

I had the same feeling after that book. Oh no! I'm already sold down the river and I didn't even know what my choices were!

But that's part of the karmic aspect of being born in the West, which is so fundamental that it changes everything about how we use our nervous systems. The fact is, nothing about writing is "natural", whether we are talking hieroglyphics, characters, letters, or whatever. It's all a product of human culture, a trend that is very recent to "nature".

The best we can do is to become multiglypyhic. For myself, I never learned to speak any modern languages but English. But then again, I have steeped myself in the symbolism of many cultures, the magic, the imagery, the vocabulary, tons of stuff. So I may process the printed word over in one tiny corner of my brain, but for most of what I am engaged with, I'm also juggling symbols and sigils and signs and other encoded widgets that are too concentrated to totally fit into flat two-dimensional worlds. The effect in consciousness is very mercurial, very liminal and imaginal, and I'm sure it makes both hemispheres work at once. All the various Art of Memory schemes work like this, Tarot and Astrology fitting under that heading.

Remember what the author of that book says too -- the TV and film may just be the saviors of Western Civiliaztion, in that the visual media force us to go back to whole-brain processing. I'm not much of a person for either the big or the little screen, but if there can be a virtue in those tools, I'm all for it!

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