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the 3 of sw just happened in my life - almost EXACTLY as you've written Christine!
this was w/ respect to a "less than honest" store owner, for whom i'd worked 14 hrs [and been paid for less than 6], pd at a lower rate than agreed upon, not paid for 2 original designs and over 3 wks dedicated creative work!! [these all in my knitting incarnation - sabian "native american woman selling her handmade artifacts"].
a close friend has a very close chart to mine, especially with my progressed sun on her ascendant, and is going through an identical dilemma.

i wish it were so easy for us to be shed of some poor political choices... spiritually i find it AMAZING that the Dalai Lama and GWB have the same birthday! [not yr i don't think]



Hi Laura!

What I have noticed over the years is that the three of swords is the antidote to the eight of cups. In saying that I mean we have to learn to be fierce with ourselves, to say our difficult truths clearly and without hesitation, in the moment when the issues are pressing, or we will repeatedly find ourselves in positions where we feel victimized.

Many people, especially women with a certain kind of acculturation, won't speak up when their toes are being stepped on, when they are getting screwed by someone more balls-y or insensitive than they. We forget that the "implied social contract" (the unspoken rule to treat others as you would like to be treated) is only binding on people with a conscience. Plenty of folks move through their lives without a single compunction about such niceties!

Nothing protects us from those kinds of people but our own personality-armor. If we have none, we will eventually find ourselves flat on the road with tire-tracks up our backs. Nothing personal, mind you! It's just all in a day's work for some...

So even though the three of swords always hits me like a splash of ice water, I am learning to welcome it into consciousness and give it a place in my thinking. There are only 24 hours in a day after all! We don't want to waste a minute in relationships where we ourselves are second-class citizens.




solstice reading the world server's spread.
and this time my insight on 3 sw is that
man in the white house... they actually said "impeach" on the news 2 days ago.
i do pray for the health of gwb, as it'd be serious loss of all liberty, environment, and worse if cheney got into office.
our holding on to STAR energies and helping
them manifest was also shown by the last minute failure of sneaky alaska oil provisions added to a bill... what a great gift to know at least this one good thing has happened today!

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