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laura andersson

i can't thank you enough for your scholarly exposition, and the great blessing of your work here for all of us!
i learn so much!
may i request you consider a clickable link to get a pdf or clean printable file? i find i still prefer sitting in a chair to read instead of onscreen, so i print out pages for study. thanks [your "geek" friends
will know how if you're interested].
best, Laura


Hello Laura;

Thanks for your suggestion for the printable file. Due to the dynamic nature of the text (we actually add hyperlinks over time and continue to play as the information in the web has permission to be ever-connecting)we're unlikely to put out static files designed for printing as they'll be difficult to keep reconciled with the online posts.

However, as we speak, delightful geek gnomes are devising ways to make the posts printable in a manner that doesn't require extra formatting or page loading/duplication on our parts.

For now, the text in the body of the posts is very printable through almost any browser as it's in an XML format. Here's what to do:

Within the permalink of the post you wish to print, simply take your cursor and select the text and copy it. Paste into a normal word document using the 'paste special' function - "unformatted text" - in your edit menu; from there you should have a serviceable 3D document you can print in draft mode, save ink, print out on fluorescent paper, or whatever devices you might contrive to enhance your understandings!


CPT's lightscribe

laura andersson

Lightscribe Cynthia,
thank you!

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